You like Bob Dylan and hip-hop?

I don’t know too much about Bob Dylan. I appreciate his music and what he has done for folk and rock and roll, but I just have not listened to him much in the past.

Although, I came across this really cool article from The Rolling Stone titled “Is Bob Dylan Hip-Hop’s Godfather.”

It brings up this interesting comment that Bob Dylan paved the way for bands like The Beatsie Boys and The Roots.

I think I’m going to start listening to some Bob Dylan.

Here’s a treat.

One Response to You like Bob Dylan and hip-hop?

  1. hlemai says:

    When I took a History of Rock & Roll class at MC we had to listen to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and we were asked-without knowing it was them- if we would have signed them based on their singing.
    Pretty much everyone said no.
    As we listened to more of their stuff and learned about them we realized that it was more about their story telling ability than the timbre of their voice that made them enjoyable to listen to.

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