The songwriting process

Creating and writing a new song and/or jam is a very tedious and timely process, but once it is finished and all the band members know their parts well, it is one of the most rewarding things especially when you see people dancing and bobbing their heads to music and art that you created.

For my band Vespertine Movement, John, lead guitar, Owen, bass, and Guzzi, rhythm guitar, are the ones who write our songs. They all play guitar and they usually get an idea while strumming around with an acoustic guitar, and that is the origin of a new song. When we practice, we work on the song and all of the changes that go on throughout the tune.

When it comes to the drums with me, I hear the guitar and bass lines and that is where I am able to come up with a solid beat for the whole song. After we have the basic idea and beat, we all use constructive criticism with each other and decide whether we should add more elements to the song, take something out or change it any way we can to make it sound as good as possible in all aspects.

After we have all of the ideas for the song, either John or Guzzi writes lyrics and that determines who will sing that particular song. Practicing a new song or jam can get very repetitive and we usually find ourselves working on it for hours at a time, because we want to get it to the best of our abilities so we are confident when we play it live.

We try to write new songs as much as possible so our fans don’t get bored always hearing the same songs and the same set lists, especially since we haven’t been playing as long and don’t have too much original material. It is really fun getting new songs down, and it makes the band and our friendships that much closer because we are working together on music that we love influenced by bands and musicians we have been listening to for years. We, as a band, hope that one day we can be the influences on young local bands trying to make a name for themselves.

How does your local band create songs? Give me some cool stories about the song writing process for your local band.

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