Roger Waters to commemorate The Wall

Get your tickets fast, because one of the greatest rock and roll shows will be hitting stages across North America this fall.

Roger Waters, co-founder and writer for the great and influential band Pink Floyd, will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the The Wall.  Waters will commemorate one of the most popular albums and the film of all time with a full band, a huge tour and a big, high-tech production that tripped so many people out 30 years ago.

The Wall has been performed by Waters and Pink Floyd  31 times, and Waters thought that it was the right time to bring back the magic that inspired so many.  The tour will start September 15 in Toronto and run to December 14 in Anaheim.

This will be a true sight to see for  any Pink Floyd fan, and it will give younger generation fans the chance to see one of the most memorable performances in rock and roll history.

2 Responses to Roger Waters to commemorate The Wall

  1. MikeG says:

    THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Thx for the update

  2. zewilson5488 says:

    Anytime man. I am curious to see how much tickets will be for this show. If they are not too pricey, I don’t think me or any Pink FLoyd fan could pass it up.

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