WTMD: Not your average radio station

When you turn on the radio in the Baltimore area, you are bound to hear multiple radio stations that play rock, rap, and country music.  These genres of music are dominating the airwaves, and after awhile hearing the same songs and artists over and over can get tiring. But there is one small station at the beginning of the dial that is different from the norm.

This unique radio station is 89.7 WTMD, and the music that comes from this station is far different than what you hear nowadays. WTMD has numerous radio programs that play an eclectic mix of music.

Located in Towson University’s Media Center, WTMD used to be affiliated with the university but parted ways a few years ago to become their own organization. Although many people in the Baltimore area still have no idea that the station exists, it has recently developed a solid fan base and more people are catching on to the contagious station.  John Kennelly, a musician and student at Towson University, listens to WTMD all the time.

WTMD's First Thursday stage

“I had no idea WTMD existed a few years back,” Kennelly said.  “But once I found out about WTMD, it is the only radio station I listen to and I have been spreading the word to all my friends because it is not your average station.”

On top of playing different genres of music, WTMD helps out local bands in a big way.  WTMD sponsors local Baltimore concerts and music festivals, and they also throw their own event called “ First Thursdays” which is a free concert in Mount Vernon on the first Thursday in the summer months.

WTMD also hosts different programs that play music from local Baltimore bands.  One of the more popular programs, “Baltimore Unsigned”, takes a look into some of the best local bands in the Baltimore area.  The program features album cuts, interviews, and live studio performances from these local bands. Kevin Shook and his band, The Cheaters, were featured on this popular show.
“Being featured on WTMD’s Baltimore Unsigned really helped our band out in a big way and let listeners know who we are and what we are about,” Shook said. “WTMD is such a great radio station and we owe a lot to them by helping us get new fans.”

WTMD is catching on in Baltimore and local bands have a lot of respect for the station because it looks out for the new music that is constantly coming out.  It gives local bands a chance to be heard on the radio.  If you haven’t listened to 89.7 WTMD, check it out and hear what people in Baltimore are raving about.

One Response to WTMD: Not your average radio station

  1. John K. says:

    This really is a great radio station. With the exception of a few, radio stations don’t really offer that much in the way of interesting or new music. WTMD has a very diverse collection of music which keeps it interesting. Support WTMD for sure.

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