If you want to enjoy a day of hanging out with friends, camping and some great local music, there is a local festival that is just for you going down this weekend.

Domefest is a local College Park based music festival that has been planned to bring together the local music- loving community.   The first annual Domefest will be taking place this Saturday, May 1 at The Domes of Beltsville, a beautiful location that is located just 15 minutes away from College Park and 30 minutes from Baltimore and D.C. 

Domefest is sponsored by NORML Terps, Maryland Music Business Society, Terrapin Sound and other groups and radio stations based out of the University of Maryland College Park.  The festival was planned in a collective effort by Jeremy Schon, guitarist for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and Ben Curwin, keyboardist for Fivestock.  Schon and Curwin have been planning the event for a few months and are real excited about the event and the location.

“The idea for Domefest came together when our two bands were booked for a Hungry For Music (a local music-oriented non-profit) Halloween concert at the festival site,” Schon said.  “As soon as we saw the property we knew something had to be done there and immediately began talking with the property owner about setting up our own festival for the spring. The site is called ‘The Domes of Beltsville’ so our obvious initial reaction was DOMEFEST.”

Domefest will feature the music and jams from a group of talented local bands and DJs including: Basshound, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Fivestock, The Flying Eyes, Lion Turf, Vasudeva, The Rez, Soohan and DJ Iggz. People in the College Park area have been hyping up the festival, and Schon is very hopeful that the first Domefest will be a success.

“We’re expecting an excellent turnout for the festival. There has been a lot of buzz going around the local music community, and people seem really excited about the event,” Schon said.  “However, due to the limited capacity and the more intimate nature of our festival, we strongly encourage people to buy their tickets in advance.We are very excited for this Saturday, and we hope to make Domefest an annual or semi-annual event.”

Domesfest will open its gates at 2p.m. and music will start soon after at 3.  Tickets are only $16, and you can order them through the event’s website. Domefest will be a day of clean friendly vibes backed by some of the best local bands in the area.


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