Just Play

A local musician writes intricate lyrics about his emotions and life stories for his local band and lives his life under one simple motto.

“Just play.” said Dave Tart, former Music Studies major with a focus in percussion performance.  “I live my life based off of that motto because all I do is play and write music, and when you play with anything you’re going to have fun, and that is the most important thing.”

Tart started playing music at the young age of three and was heavily influenced by his dad who was a talented drummer.  He followed his dad’s footsteps and was attracted to the drums at a young age.

“Most kids want to play with action figures and toys when they are young,” Tart said.  “All I wanted to do was play the drums all of the time because it was fun hitting those things and hearing the sounds that were being made.”

Tart has studied and practiced drums and percussion since elementary school and can successfully play over 25 percussive instruments. Tart has shown his musical ability in various ensembles and jazz, pep, and marching bands throughout his high school and college career.

Tart has also been playing and studying the harmonica since his freshman year of college, because drums did not fit in his dorm room and he needed to play music through another instrument.

“My favorite instrument to play is the harmonica because it does not come as easy to me as the drums and I am never as good as I want to be,” Tart said.  “People tell me that I am a great harmonica player, but I know I can get better, and that is why I continue to practice and learn new things.”

Tart plays harmonica for a local rock and hip-hop band the Three Tree Experience. 3TE originally started as a joke between Tart and his friend Matt Lowe (bass).  After their other close friend, George Barnes (drums), said that he would join band, the idea turned into a reality and the three trees were set.  3TE has been playing throughout Towson and Baltimore over the two and a half years carving a name for them in the local scene.

Besides playing groovy harmonica licks influenced by John Popper from Blues Traveler, Tart controls the show with his powerful stage presence that is able to grab anyone’s attention.  On top of that, Tart’s funny yet in-depth lyrics leave audiences both laughing and scratching their heads in curiosity on the hidden meanings in his lyrics.

“I write all my songs based off of one emotion at one particular time,” Tart said.  “I try to make my lyrics as intricate as possible while adding jokes and puns that are based off of the many crazy life experiences I have had in my short life so far.”

Dave Tart has a couple of notebooks that are filled with lyrics and hopes to apply as many of them as he can to songs that the Three Tree Experience will write in the future. He will be content as long he continues to live out his motto and expresses himself through writing lyrics and/or playing drums and percussion.

“There are two things I am good at, making people laugh and playing music,” Tart said. “Music has been my life for the past 20 years and I plan on surrounding myself around music for the rest of my life, and I will have a fun time doing it.”

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