Festival season is upon us

May 13, 2010

This is a very important time of year for huge music and jam band fans. Spring and summertime  in Baltimore always means Natty Boh’s, Oriole games, Ocean City and music festivals and outdoor concerts.

Summer festivals are a great time because there are always great acts ranging from a variety of genres, and there is nothing but music and happiness in the air for however many days a festival lasts.  All of the members in our band have each been to several music festivals over the past couple of years, including Bonnaroo, All Good Festival and Lollapalooza, culminating to some of the best times of our lives.

Now that we are in a serious local jam band, the possibility of someday playing a major music festival would be a major point in all of our lives. Vespertine Movement has to work our way up to the big dogs, and a great way to start doing that is by playing local festivals wherever we can.  VM has started to do that and we plan on playing a few local festivals this summer in Catonsville, Frederick, and other areas.

What is so great about playing local music festivals is the fact that you can get your music out to so many people who have never seen or heard about you before. On top of that, there is not as much stress on selling a lot of pre-sale tickets to fans, friends, and family because a lot of people are there for the festival to see some great live acts.

Two years ago, VM got a last minute chance to play at Federal Hill’s biggest music festival, the Federal Hill Street Beat Festival.  We shared the stage with some of Baltimore’s best local bands and also had the chance to meet other bands that are not from the area.  We played a 45-minute set, and when we first hit the stage there were not too many people by our stage, but by the end of our set there were a couple hundred of people grooving and dancing to our music.  It was the best show and day the band has had to date, because we heard so many compliments about our music, got to see some great bands, and we got to meet so many new people that love music just as much as we do.

This summer should be a great time and the band is hoping to play some big shows and local festivals so we can spread the word on our music.  We will be playing all throughout Maryland, and we hope to get out to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Delaware, and possibly New York.  We are always looking to get new fans who love our music, and music festivals only help the process, so look out for VM to be doing just that this summer.