The band’s practice space- Orion Studios

May 1, 2010

Our practice space is a very important place for the band because that is where we create all of our music and where the band hangs out all of the time.

When we first started as a band, we would practice in my mom’s basement, because that is where we always played music back in high school.  We are a very loud band, and wanted to practice at all hours, so last summer when we started to take things with the band more seriously, we were looking around for a space where we could meet those requirements.

We searched for band warehouses for a few months, and the search wasn’t going well until we stumbled upon Orion Studios outside of the city.  We really liked Orion Studios because the rooms were clean and had enough space to fit all of our instruments and much more.  We also really liked how our rooms were secured and the studio was in a business district right off of I-95.  The location and features of Orion Studios were what we were looking for.

Since last July, Orion Studios has been the home for Vespertine Movement and we have had many good times and jams in that space. The band has really added a lot of character to the space and it feels like a second home to us because that is where we all go to relieve stress and do what we love, play music.

We hope to really build or practice space this upcoming summer so we can start recording music in the space.  We want to make it our own legitimate studio so we can record our music and jam sessions.  We can also work on upcoming CD’s and demos that we will release in the future.

Coming to Orion Studios has been one of the best decisions that the band has made, and any of our friends that have been in the space know how important it is to us and to our music.

If anybody is in a local band or knows someone that is in a local band that is looking for a practice space, here is the link for our practice space.