Meet The Three Tree Experience

April 16, 2010

The Three Tree Experience, also known as 3TE, sticks close to their roots. All four musicians that make up 3TE have an extensive background in music and their tight connection shows both on and off the stage. The three founding members of 3TE, Dave Tart, harmonica/vocals, Matt Lowe, bass/vocals, and George Barnes, drums, have been playing together since 2006 when they met at Towson University. After a few guitarists sat in with the band, they finally found their guy in 2008 with Ben Palacpac. Since then, the rock/hip-hop band has been playing many shows and benefits in the Baltimore metro area to spread the word on their music and their message.

The Three Tree Experience (From left: Ben Palacpac, George Barnes, Dave Tart, Matt Lowe)

The Three Tree Experience is fresh off of recording their new LP “Seedy” and being featured on the cover of Maryland Music Magazine. Big things are on the way for this solid Baltimore band as they continue to take their music to new heights.

Check out my conversation with Dave Tart on how The Three Tree Experience got started and where he hopes to see the band in a few years.

Q: When and how did 3TE form?

A: The Fall of 2006 is our official “birthday”, but we were far from the lineup that we now have. The four guys that you now know as 3TE were a band around March/April of 2008 and it has been that way ever since.

Q: What are some of the band’s biggest influences?

A: I know for me, personally, I use Blues Traveler/Sugar Blue for my harmonica playing and Method Man/Andre 3000/Damian Marley as muses for the lyrics. As a whole, though, we use our roots from childhood as the basis for us. Ben grew up with a lot of Rock n Roll music, Matt with the funk rock tunes and George had jazz, whereas Hip hop has always been my musical influence primarily.

Q: How would you describe 3TE’s sound?

A: All of that stuff that I said before has a piece of each tune we play. One person may say that we are a hip-hop band because my lyrics are said like rapping. The next guy may say we’re a rock band because we have exposed guitar solos and rhythmically challenging music. Another might feel more funk to us because of the bass lines. Basically, the way someone thinks we sound is exactly how we sound, but we aren’t picking a genre.

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Damian Marley and Nas are “Distant Relatives”

February 25, 2010

Reggae and hip-hop stars Damian Marley and Nas are collaborating to record and produce an album together.

Marley and Nas joined forces a couple years ago for their hit “Road to Zion”, and the track went so well they decided to collaborate and record an album together.

The album, titled “Distant Relatives,” combines Marley’s dub-rock style and flawless freestyles with the flow Nas has bought to the table for years.

“Distant Relatives” traces Nas and Marley’s roots back to Africa and they are trying to bring awareness to all of the underlying issues and unrest that take place on the continent. All proceeds of the album will go towards building a school in Congo, so that the poverty-stricken children of Africa can get an education.

Nas and Marley are extremely excited for the album and have been taking their time recording so it will “epic” and have an impact on their Africa project and the music industry as a whole.

“Distant Relatives” release date has been pushed back a couple of times, but the duo released the track listing and said that the album is set to hit the stores April 20.

“Distant Relatives” should be an awesome album, and anyone who is a fan of Marley and/or Nas should check their Myspace for more details.