Myspace and Facebook important for local bands

March 11, 2010

Are you in a local band who’s trying to get your music out there to build a fan base? Social networking websites are great tools to help your band with this.

Social networking websites such as Myspace and Facebook have made it easier for local bands to connect with their fans and get their music out there for free.

Owen McCusker, a local musician, has used Myspace ever since he started playing in a local band, and sees a lot of advantages in the go to website for bands.

“Myspace is really important for bands because it keeps ideas flowing back and forth between people and bands and ideas are constantly in stream.”

McCusker says Myspace has helped his band out in a big way by letting new people who haven’t heard their music find out about his band and see where they are playing around town.

Facebook has also reached out to local bands recently by letting them have their own profile page with links to shows, videos, and music. Mike Guzman, a local musician, sees just as many perks in Facebook because it lets bands connect with their closer friends and family.

“Facebook is a little different than Myspace for the local musician. With Facebook, you can connect with your close friends and your fans that already know you. You can let them know if you have new music coming out or if you have any shows coming up. It’s a lot different than Myspace where you can connect with people that you don’t actually really know.”

Guzman says that Facebook is a very effective tool because it is such a popular site and so many people are logged on everyday.

Myspace and Facebook are two out of many social networking websites that can help local bands.  To be able to have a band profile that displays music, videos, a bio and show updates is a huge benefit for bands that are trying to get to the next level.

Who knows what the next website that helps bands out will be.  For now, Myspace and Facebook are doing a great job by making local band’s lives that much easier.